Thursday, September 11, 2008

7 Years Ago

7 years ago today, marks the anniversary of a very bad day for the United States. I went to bed last night knowing I would wake up to tributes on television and blog posts about that horrible day. I feel very somber and sad today every time I think about what people went through. What happened that day never really affected me directly. And no comparison can be made to the experience to what people in NYC felt that day either. However, we all learn to move on in our own ways, trying not relive those horrific moments when we heard what happened and watched it on the news, or actually seeing in person those two magnificent towers falling to the ground.

It makes me well up with tears each time I think about all the people gone, all the families that lost loved ones, and what happened in the few years after that regarding the war on the hunt for the man who orchestrated it all. Its amazing how a small group of people can affect so many others with their evil. But I guess thats just how the world works.

So today, I will sit and think about that day that never seemed to end. My experience is unlike yours. And yours is unlike any others. I will sit and cherish the fact that I am alive, my family is alive, and my friends are alive. And I will sit and think about the people who were not so lucky.

Thats how I will spend this day.

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