Monday, September 15, 2008

Just One of Them Days

Its a Monday. I hate Mondays. I hate this one even more than usual. Well since you asked, I'll tell you why. My power went out at 7 pm last night, and I woke up and it still wasnt on. So you know what I did last night while my electricity was out. Absolutely nothing. I sat in the dark and stared into my quiet abyss I call my room. I called a few people to help pass the time, but still, I was bored out of my mind, and missing the Steeler game. Which we won by the way I found out. Sorry Cleveland, you still suck! Then my phone went dead. This caused me some anxiety because I use my phone as my alarm clock, and now that it was dead, I would have nothing to wake me up the next morning. Before it went dead, I planned to stay with my sister who lives 30-40 minutes away because certain somebodies never invited me to stay with them when they only live 10 minutes away. But I wont say his name. But before I was able to leave for my sisters, I fell asleep. And somehow, I woke up and it was 10 minutes before my alarm would normally go off. I was saved. And awake on time.

But this is not One of Them Days to which I am referring to. No, I am referring to yesterday. Yes, it was a beautiful Sunday day, and I took full advantage of the beautiful weather. The bf and I had started off having a rough weekend, getting into arguments, so I was not too happy with the way my weekend was going. But, Sunday changed everything. I suggested we go hiking in one of the parks that surround Pittsburgh. And that we did. So after I made a gourmet frozen pizza to fill the bellies of myself and the bf, we left to feel rugged and manly however being wary not to destroy our beautiful french tip manicures. That was a joke. :) We onnly get regular manicures.

The temperature was a little warmer than I would have preferred, but it was still tolerable. We must have hiked for at least 3-4 miles throughout the day and for me, it was such a great time. To breathe in the fresh air, to be in the woods which are so peaceful, and to have great conversation with the person you love, makes for an amazing day. It was nice being away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, and to get out and enjoy each other. For me it was one of them days that remind me why I work so hard at our relationship. We have our bad days, many more than we both would aspire to have, but when we have good days like we did yesterday, they are so good that it makes all this worth it. Even though he cut our day short together, and even though I sat in complete darkness for 4 hours, I still went to sleep feeling satisfied, and feeling good about my day.

What more can a guy ask for when he falls asleep. Well other than falling asleep next to someone you love.

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