Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Frozen Ball Sac

Right now it is roughly 70 degrees outside. For those who live in places that understand temperature in Celsius, I dont know what that translates to, but it is a nice warm/hot temperature. However, in my office, it is very very cold. Like way beyond nipple hardening cold, and roughly into penis shrinking cold. I dont understand with all the technology we have how we dont have a freaking thermostat that can make it a comfortable temperature. Its never just perfect. It is always freezing or really hot. I wore a polo to work today, but I cant even show it off. Instead it is hiding under my Columbia jacket that is keeping my nipples from falling off. I am thinking about putting a roof over the top of my cubicle so that I can have my own climate control. I can stash a small electric heater in here, so that no one can control the temp, but me. I think that would work.

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