Friday, December 28, 2007

My Head Met the Floor Today

Happy Post Christmas!

Ok. So I went to the doctors office again today after my cardiologist appt yesterday. Apparently my doctor believes I have an overactive thyroid. She explained that there is a chance I could have Graves' Disease. What she thought was odd however was that this is usually found in woman and not too often in men. Treatment for this can be somewhat extensive but I have some options. First one would be to just take some medication. Not a big deal. Second would be to have radioactive iodine put into my bloodstream. Not so much fun. The other option is to have it surgically fixed. Not my cup of tea.

I have scheduled an appointment with an endocrinologist to get my thyroid checked out. Its not until the end of the month so I have a while sit and wait to see what is really wrong with me.

My doctor took more blood today from me to do further testing on my thyroid. Everything was going well and all the blood was taken that was needed. I had warned my doctor about the time when I gave blood that I have had a history of passing out. She took this into account and layed me down. Well I thought I was fine so I stood up and walked towards the desk clerk person to schedule my next appointment when all of a sudden I didn't feel so well. I told the clerk lady this when the next thing I realize is that I am on the floor with 5 nurses above me. Yep I passed out. I felt a large pain on two areas of my head. On my forehead and the back of my head. I remember waking up and just being so pissed at myself that I passed out...AGAIN! I have a permanent scar on my lip when I passed out giving blood a separate time and I fell face forward smacking my face off the floor causing my front teeth to go through my lip. So much fun.

So at this point I still am not sure where I passed out at. I finally sit up and realize I am in the waiting room with an entire room of patients looking at me. Slightly embarrassed I ask the doctor if I can be moved into another room while I recuperate. So she did as I asked. Apparently when I passed out, I was leaning over a desk window thing, so I smacked my forehead on the desk then fell back hitting my head on the floor.

I now feel like crap with the worst headache of my life. But it is all ok because I get to see my bf after not seeing him for a week. I am very excited!

Oh, I am also HIV-! Holler for me!


K said...

OH NO...that sounds awful!

I have personally never passed out, and I hope to never in the the future.....I sounds absolutely horrible (obvs)

I hope everything checks out with your thyroid tho...keep your head up buddy!

vodka&crackers said...

at least you didn't throw up all over the nurse while you were giving blood. Now that was embarrassing!

vodka&crackers said...

Funnily enough... (Sorry this is the OTHER half of vodkaandcrackers, Prawncrackerwhoar), Sam was reading your blog on the phone to me last night when we decided to set up a page! We laughed because we can both picture ourselves falling onto a table then bouncing back...
Pointless info but thought you would like to know