Friday, December 14, 2007

Weekend of Snow

I am leaving today to go to Lake Erie today for a grand ol gay christmas party. My one friend from Erie throws an annual christmas party so the bf and I are attending. He is some big wig at GE and makes a nice chunk of money. He owns a large mansion which for the party will be decorated exquisitely. He even rolls out a red carpet to the sidewalk for his guests. This is going to be a great opportunity for my bf to finally meet most of my old friends whom I have all left. At this party he will meet all my gay friends and some of my straight friends as well. WooHoo!

I am worried this weekend isnt going to go as planned though. Supposedly, Erie is supposed to get hit with a snow storm that is going to plant almost a foot of snow on the ground. It is well known by all my friends that I am not the best driver. I have a lead foot and lots of road rage. I am even a worst driver in the snow because I one too many times put my cars in ditches along side the road. It addition to my poor driving skills, my car isnt the best car to take to go for a ride in the snow. Its a sporty coupe that just has all season tires on it. I counted getting stuck in the snow last year 8 times. Each time, my good friend Dan had to come and drag my sorry ass out of the snow with his manly SUV.

So with that said, if the snow is bad on Saturday afternoon I will be skipping the christmas party that night. I will be disappointed but I dont want to risk my life or more importantly my bf's life just so I can sing Silent Night around a piano surrounded by Erie's fabulous gays. Hopefully the weather isnt too horrible. If you dont hear from me in a few days, you know why. Hopefully that doesnt happen.

Which reminds me of this. Do you ever feel like you have an idea of how and when you are going to die? I actually do. For some demented reason I have a feeling I am going to die young. And I am going to die in a car. I have no real reason for this, but I have always felt this way. My bf hates when I bring it up, but I cant help it. It is my destiny.

Have a great weekend y'all!

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K said...

I am the absolute worst driver of life. I've gotten into like 3 of which was with a parked car (long story, and I swear it wasn't my fault).

Anyways, thank god I have never had to drive in the snow...that would certainly be the end of me.