Monday, December 17, 2007

Happy 6

I just got back from being in Erie all weekend with the bf and overall I think we both had a great time. We didn't do anything too exciting. I took him all over the city and went to all the big bars/clubs. He finally got to meet some of my best friends from there, it is nice for him to actually my good friends. One of my best friends Katie, has recently started dating a new boy who I have to say is HOT! I actually had a slight crush on him while I was still in college. He was in a few of my classes and was sometimes in the gym when I was. His body is a.m.a.z.i.n.g! She told me she really likes him, and is really good in bed. I told her I will have to be the judge of that. Ha!

The big Christmas party went very well too. A gaggle of gays in a big ol house. What better time can you ask for. I drank pop*also known as soda to you weirdos* all night which gave me a horrible stomach ache. I have mostly cut pop out of my diet except or the occasional glass here and there. It was very nice to see all the people I miss so very much. There is another gay couple that I am very good friends with that we got to hang out with , and it is nice to hang out with another couple finally. One of them actually reads my blog. Hello Greg! We went to lunch on Sunday before making the trek back to Pittsburgh, and after eating, the bf mentioned how nice it is to actually hang out with another gay couple. None of our friends here are dating anyone. I am not sure if that is my choice or not, but we would like to do dinner dates if anyone is interested.

Sunday was also the 6 month anniversary for the bf and I! And you know what we did to celebrate. Absolutely nothing. Both of us are a little strapped for cash since it is around the holiday season so we opted to not really do anything but relax at home and celebrate that fact that we got there safely. It snowed a ton on the way back from Erie, and as I said before, I am not very good at driving in the snow. But I managed not to kill us. Yay for me...and him. We almost didnt even have hot sweaty nasty man sex, but around 11pm, I decided to let him know I wasnt leaving without it. So we did it. I thanked him. He seemed mad because I didnt stay a little longer to cuddle afterwards but it was already 11:30 and I had a ton of stuff to do at my house before I went to sleep. So I left with the sense that I just had a dirty hookup, but really, it was just a sexual romp with my sexy man minus the cuddling. I went home fulfilled and we both slept a little better that night because of it.

Happy 6 to my man lover! Hope there are many more to follow. Muah!

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jay said...

Oh wow, Congrats!