Friday, December 21, 2007

Celebrate The Yule Log

Did you all know that a Yule Log is also known as the Great Ashen Faggot?! I never knew what the hell a Yule log was until about 40 seconds ago. I always say Happy Yule Log instead of Happy Holidays because I always thought Yule Log sounded funny. Now I can say Happy Great Ashen Faggot. But for all those that still dont know what a Great Ashen Faggot is, its basically a big thick log in the middle of a fire, or in my case the middle of my legs. HO HA HO I am so funny.

Well I went to the doctors office today for my first physical in about 5 or 6 years. I have been having alot of health issues so I needed to get my butt to see a doctor. Well there are some definite things wrong with me. Apparently I have a really fast heart rate. I guess the average is 60-100 beats per minute and I am at 120 beats per minute. This is very unhealthy for someone my age. I also have some sort of tremors. My hands are almost constantly shaking and recently the shaking has been moving into my head and neck. My family has a history of Parkinson's Disease so I am really worried that is what it is. I am scheduled to meet with a neurologist in the next few weeks. I am also scheduled to meet with a cardiologist so he can to an echo cardiogram. I have no idea what that is, but as long as it is covered by my insurance I dont care. Hopefully everything turns out not to be a huge problem. I will be keeping my fingers crossed. I also got an HIV test! I am not worried for that though, I am not that big of a whore, so I am sure that it will be negative.

I am exchanging gifts with the bf tomorrow morning before he leaves me for a week. Hopefully we got me all the wonderful things I asked for. Otherwise he wont get any sex from me for at least 3 days. Well probably only for 2 days because I start to go through withdrawal if its any longer than that.

I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday! Drive safe and eat lots of food. I will continue to blog starting next Friday once I am back at work.

Seasons Greetings,

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K said...

Have a great holiday and I hope everything goes well with those tests!