Friday, December 7, 2007

He Looooves Me!

Its been about a week since my last posting. I apologize I have been out of the office for more useless training. So I have some good news. Well good news for me anyways. Last weekends my boyfriend told me that he is in love with me!! I definitely wasnt expecting it either. Actually after he said it, I actually poorly set the mood by telling him that he was lying. Well apparently what he said is true. Yay for me. It was a nice moment. We were laying in his bed canoodling like two little gay boys when he dropped the bomb. It was great.

It is definitely nice to know that we are now on the same page. I was definitely feeling as if my feelings for him were way too strong. And it sucks to like someone or in my case love someone when they dont feel that same connection. But knowing we feel the same way about each other is a good comforting feeling.

The next day we talked about the whole love thing, and he said that he was scared to have these feelings because every time he has felt this way he got hurt in the end.

Although I cannot promise our relationship will be forever, but what I can promise is that I would never hurt him the way others in his past have.


Anonymous said...

you very fortunate to have a guy like that around.

at least there are guys around that are not afraid to love someone

jay said...

Aw, those 3 words are a big step in any relationship. Glad you two are on the same page now.

W said...

Yay! Good for ya. I know the disappointing feeling of liking someone a lot and not having the sentiments reciprocated.

So yay, again!