Wednesday, December 19, 2007


I have had a new obsession as of late. There is a movie that will be coming out on January 18 called Cloverfield. It is supposed to be a monster movie similar to Godzilla. There is a ton of hype around this movie because the producer J.J. Abrams is the producer for the TV show Lost. Well something I never knew about that show, is that there are hidden clues throughout the episodes, which viewers can find and research them on the internet which will give further information to help figure out secrets on the show.

Well the same is with this movie. It all started in the first preview of the movie when it was shown before the movie Transformers. During this preview someone in the movie was wearing a shirt that said Slusho which led viewers who looked this up in Google to a site dedicated to the Slusho drink. After much research of the site, it led people to another site called Tagruato. Which led people to another site and so on. All of this gives a fair amount of clues and information about the movie.

Its pretty interesting stuff I must say. If you are a big nerd like myself and enjoy this sort of movie and website analysis, it can provide hours of endless entertainment trying to decipher information. Just thought I would share what has been keeping me busy as of late since I have absolutely no work to do.

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