Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Do Something Sweet for Your Sweetheart

Yesterday the bf and I planned on going to see the movie "The Golden Compass". I was excited to go but what I really wanted to do that night was go see the band OneRepublic who was performing at a venue in town. I decided not to go for various reasons and I was fine with not going at that point. However, after sitting in my bf's car on the way to what I thought was the theater, he asked me to get something out of his glove box with a mischievous grin. I knew something was up but I figured it was going to be something funny or the best way to my heart...something chocolaty. Slurp.

As I opened the glove box I awaited something to jump out at me. Much to my surprise nothing jumped out at me, but yet there was an envelope that said...."Jeff, Open Me" At this point I still had no clue what it was. Once I opened up the envelope, I was very surprised to find a OneRepublic ticket!

Now let me remind you that my bf even told me its not really in his nature to be romantic or do really sweet things. I am fine with that. It lets me be the romantic one in the relationship. But it is always a really sweet surprise when he does something sweet like that.

A few weekends ago, I awoke from a post drunken state, and uttered that I was in the mood for a grilled cheese sandwich and chips. This is not something new as I am always saying that I am in the mood for brownies or grilled cheese. However, this time that I said it, I actually got it. The bf got up out of bed and 15 minutes later he came back with a plate filled with grilled cheese and chips *which he stole from his roommate*. Once again I was pleasantly surprised. Normally if he is gone for that long he is doing some chore or something.

It makes me realize I haven't done anything exceptionally sweet for him recently. Looks like its time to do so.

Do something sweet for someone. It will make their day!

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Mike said...

Who says the romance is dead? I do stuff like this for my girlfriend but I think I do it too often. Sometimes, us guys, do not do things as much ebcuase we do not want you to come and expect things. Remember, sweetness comes mostly from the unexpected.

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