Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Kill Me Now

So I have been at my parents house for roughly a day and a half and I am starting to go a little crazy. I have been absolutely bored out of my mind. I have spent most of my days laying on the couch in our family room trying to sleep the hours away. That doesnt happen though. My 3 younger brothers dont allow that because their screaming and yelling over their latest video game. Yay for me. My poor mother is trying so hard to clean up after them as they leave their path of terror and empty toy boxes all over our quaint little house.

Is it nice to be home? Sort of. I think I have limited myself to only one day here though because boredom sets in at 6 hours. I went for two drives today to get away. I was reminded on my first drive that amish people are still real and are not a part of my imagination. I feel so bad for them this time of year freezing their little butts in their horse drawn buggies. My second drive was to WalMart at 1130 at night. Sadly it was closed.

I am counting down the hours til I get to go back home to Pittsburgh.

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