Monday, June 8, 2009

Sunny Weekend

Well the weekend is sadly over and I am back in my cubicle looking at my endless stream of purchase orders, emails, and phone calls. Yes, it is exhilarating as it sounds. I guess it harbors just the right amount of excitement to keep me barely awake on this lovely Monday morning.

I have nothing new to report as my weekend was pretty low key. I spent both of my days lounging in the sun at Pittsburgh's water park Sandcastle. My friends and I buy a season pass and we spend our weekends here, soaking up the sun and the nice eye candy. I went both Saturday and Sunday as it was the parks opening and was greeted with amazing sunny weather and perfect temperatures.

I was also introduced to the amazing invention of sun tan lotion spray. I dont think I could ever use the regular lotion that you apply with your hands. Despite using SPF 30 on both days, I still managed to burn a smidge. I think the top of my head got the worst of it though. And yes, I did apply sun tan protection there too. Cause if there is one thing I've learned, its that you always use protection. ;)

The water was a bit cold as the weather last week wasn't exactly exceptional so the sun didnt get to warm the water all that much, but we dipped our little toes in the water a few times just to cool down for a minute or two. Hopefully, the water will warm up more just in time for our next visit on Saturday.

I did realize one thing though. My body, is uh, well definitely not in the shape i want it to be in. Being at the water park watching the near flawless bodies walk all around me, definitely gave me the small kick in the ass to work 10x harder in the gym. I've actually reached my goal weight last week of 165. However, the weight is not in the areas that i want it. Too much of it went to my stomach in the form of fat, instead of going to my arms, pecs, and legs, in the form of muscle. I have roughly one month to redistribute that though, and I think I can do it.


GumbyGuy said...

I wasn't invited!

Drewbert said...

This post is worthless without pics!

Jackdaw said...

The Sandcastle link doesn't work :(

Nathan West said...

tell me about it,hahaha, i hate it when i stop goin to gym for two weeks, things started goin downhill amazingly fast,thank goodness summer isnt here yet so i got a few months to prep up for a scandalous shirtless walk down the beach. guys and chicks should dig it,jahahaha. Sandcastle is working bro. i have a look, looks so beachy,hahahah