Thursday, June 4, 2009

One Month Away

I am exactly 1 month away from tanning my buns on the sands of Rehoboth Beach. I am in such a need of a vacation I can hardly take it. I have my square cut swim suits all ready to go, my beach towels and sun screen packed up, so i am basically ready to be there now.

Although circumstances have changed a little in regards to the the people in the house, I still think it should be a great time. And by circumstances I mean that i dont really get along with 2-3 people that are going and staying in our house. But I will put on my smiley face and play it cool. I dont need a repeat of last year by any means. Ill keep my fists to myself and will wear a sign around my neck that says, "Plays Well With Others".

I do have some of my best friends coming though, which will make this trip amazing. Our house is one block away from the beach, and two blocks away from the gay beach, which is puuurrfect. We will be there from July 4th-11th, so if anyone plans to be there also during those times, hit me up!

Ill also be sure to take lots of photos this year!


Craig said...

I'm already excited for the pictures.

TheEgoReturns said...

Will there be pictures of you fighting the people you don't get along with. I'm picturing something like a UFC match... hot!