Monday, June 1, 2009

It Came Out of Nowhere

So picture it, I am sitting on my couch watching the Pittsburgh Penguins hockey team get the crap kicked out of them by The Detroit Red Wings in the Stanley Cup Finals last night, when I stood up and it hit me...I had a sore throat. Normally when this happens, it is the first sign of a very bad cold rearing its ugly head. I immediatly began drinking my V-8 Fusion juice and popped a multi vitaman. This morning I woke up fully congested and with even more sore throat. Ugh.

I hate being sick. I get more colds than anyone I know. At least once a month I come down with these damn things. I am presuming it is because I frequent the germ infested gym 4 times a week but I just know that I better kick this thing quick!

Does anyone know of any good remedies to kick a cold?


Scott said...

I know it's of no use now, but a friend of mine swears by that Zicam stuff. Keep some on-hand and use it instead of V8 next time you feel a cold coming on. Since you get colds so often, you'd be the perfect guinea pig!

In the meantime, I find shots of Jack Daniels to be very medicinal when I'm sick. ;)

Ian J Brooks said...

Once you get its best to ride it out. Orange Juice is good whilst your recovering thought.

Drewbert said...

Airborn as soon as you start feeling it coming on.

And it's not just you. This Pittsburgh weather makes me sick often also.