Friday, June 12, 2009

Gay Pride/Birthday Weekend

As some of you know, tomorrow is Pittsburgh's Gay Pride in the Streets event as well as my birthday. Which the two things couldnt go better hand in hand.

For tomorrow, I am very excited as the weather is supposed to be beautiful at 75 degrees. My friends and I will be spending the first half of our day at Sandcastle gawking at the hot bodied straight men who we all assume are questioning their sexuality or at least that day's swimsuit selection. For example:

Closeted Straight Male to his "Girlfriend/Beard": Does this pair of swim shorts make me look fat?

Girlfriend/Beard: Umm, no. I dont think so.

Closeted Straight Male: Fabulous. Er, I mean, good.

So as I said, we will spend our early afternoon making fun of these guys. And then 16 of my closest friends will gather at Houlihanns in Pittsburgh's famous Station Square for some good grub and tall Long Islands and Beers. I hope to leave the restaurant nice and tipsy before arriving back to my loft where we will partake in some heavy drinking until we are ready to dance our butts off for the next several hours downtown at the Pride Event.

I simply cannot wait! And to reuse the photograph that I found from last years pride, I edited it to the best of my ability. i didnt dare find another one, because this one is just too hot.

Happy pride Homos!!


Craig said...

Happy (almost) Birthday! Have a great day tomorrow!

That Guy said...

Editing in MS paint-FTW.
Hope you have fun, happy birthday.

VpO said...

Hot pic, happy belated birthday!

Shaney said...

Your cute! Like your posts!
Take care xx