Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Lets Be Honest... SUCK$ to be broke!!!

Not that I need to be airing my financial situation for the world to see, but somehow I overdrew my bank account, and my bank tried charging me almost $200 in overdraft fees! I was bitch slapped by PNC Bank hard this morning when I looked at my account online. I felt as if my account called me out and said "Girl, you betta getcho act togetha hunny and watch those diminishing funds, cuz if not, we rape your little bootaaay for everything its worth." And apparently its only worth $200.

I overdrew my account by accident of course. I mean, I guess no one really intends to overdraw, but mine was just a simple miscalculation that caused this BS. They seriously tried charging me 7 overdraft fees. Bit much dont ya think? I really think the first one was enough to get the point across, but 7? Really? But as they say, size matters...

So I called said bank, and spoke their so-called "Consultants", apparently they are no longer being called Customer Service Reps. Consultants sound much more helpful, right? Yeah, I didnt think so either. So I tried to be as nice as possible and asked them to remove all of the fees, but they declined. I even told them that I wont be able to afford all of my new square cut swim suits for the beach this year, but they didnt really seem to care. J/K. I did tell them that the amount did seem excessive that they were charging me and asked for them to take some of the fees off. Which they did. 3 of them actually. So that saved me $90+. But I still got charged $120+ in the end. Which is more than I can really afford at the moment.

Lets just say thank gosh, I get paid on Friday. This makes me think of that damn phrase, money is the root to all evil, because clearly, the ass who said it, wasnt poor, and could afford to put food on his table and refill his bottle of lube once it was empty. Crazy Betch!

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Drewbert said...

If you sign up for you can set it up so that it will send you a TXT when your balance gets below a certain amount.