Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Geez Loeeeez, I finally found a damn minute to write on this here blog. I have been super duper busy as of late doing who knows what, so I havent had much time to form a thought long enough to write a post. So whats been occupying my time?

Well I took my new(er) car for a quick checkup and was told that somehow it has a crack in its radiator and that I shouldnt drive it. Luckily its under warranty so I dont have to pay that sucker. And you know what they gave me as a loaner? Take a look. So lets just say I wasnt complaining. I am "stuck" with this car for a few more days until everything is all fixed. I definitely let the dealership know to take their time on fixing my car.

I have also been spending my weekends still at Sandcastle, where i did attempt to take a few snapshots of some shirtless hotties, but ended up only taking pictures of people with 3 teeth and sagging asses. Hot.

So that mixed in with a death of a family member and working my ass off at work, has left me with not much time to blog. I cant promise that I will be blogging a ton this month, as work is going to continue to get busier for me, as well as my extremely needed vacation in 2 weeks to Rehoboth Beach. But I wont forget about ya'll. Just dont expect daily posts and rants.



TheEgoReturns said...

The picture will hold me over until you get blogging more.

I never get loaner cars like that, the last one was a freaking Caravan. It was either that or an Aveo, so I took it, folded the seats down and...

loaded it with a new front door.

Nathan West said...

:( lol love ur board shorts,wee. i cant wait for summer to flash my new ones,hahaha.

love ur music share,bro!

Anonymous said...

Sorry for the loss in your family.
Death sucks. Hang in there! Looking forward to stories from Rehoboth.