Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Sporty Spice

This past weekend I was invited to meet up with Pittsburgh's Gay volleyball league and play with them by a friend of mine. I was quite excited about this because back when I was in high school I played on an intramural team and was pretty damn good. However, that was in fact the last time I played. So I was a little nervous about how well I was going to do. I basically forgot all the rules, the bump-set-spike routine, where I should be standing at certain times, or which way I should be facing, etc. However I did remember how to get it over the net, and so I was impressed that I was still able to do that. A few games in, I started to get my groove back. And I was complimented on how well I actually did and was asked to join their league in the fall which i think I am going to do.

I also saw a flyer about a gay men's flag football league this past weekend. This also sparked my interest. Back when I was in school, I was way to skinny to ever play real football, and since i was working almost 30 hour weeks to help support my parents, sports were never really an option for me. However, I was always pretty good when playing for fun or during gym class. I have since bulked up a bit, and can finally hold my own. So I am thinking about going to a game to see how much i actually like it. There is also some potential to look at some hot muscle bears. So thats always a plus.

I never considered myself a jock, well mostly because like I said, I didnt play any real sports. No one in my family played or even watched sports so it was never something I really felt strongly about. However, now that I am a little older, the idea of playing sounds exciting. Maybe I will become a jock afterall. I always did want to hear, "Shower Up boys!"

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jay said...

I never really played sports either but I have considered trying out basketball or volleyball in NYC. I'm actually typing this on my way to the Pittsburgh airport a I was in Pgh this weekend for a wedding.