Tuesday, March 3, 2009

All Moved In

Well the bf and I finally moved into our new loft, and honestly, the move in process wasnt fun to say the least. We ran into a few major hiccups, but all is now good in the land of Pittsburgh. We started moving in on Friday, just packing up what boxes we could in our cars and transporting them to the new pad. This process would have been much more tedious if it wasnt for our amazing friends who took the time, muscle, and their cars to help us move over the course of 2 days.

On Saturday morning we arrived at the U-Haul station to pick up our moving truck at 7am. We were not there for no longer than 15 minutes, when a friend called who was waiting at the new loft while our new furniture arrived and said that the couch wont fit around a turn in our doorway. So I drove over the loft, and sadly enough, they were getting ready to pack up the couch and take it back because there was no way they were going to get in it. I was crushed and pissed because the bf and I spent way too long searching for the perfect sectional couch and we found it, or so we thought. But there was nothing we could do. They took the couch back so we now had to later go find another couch.

Back to more packing again. When I get a call from Comcast. Our cable and internet provider. They said they were waiting outside the apt to install everything at 8am. They were not supposed to be there for at least 4 hours! We didnt even have a TV in the apt yet! So I told them that they got their times wrong and long story short they agreed to come 2 hours later. However, that didnt go as planned either. Apparently, a very important wire had dropped inside a wall and the cable guy wasnt able to get it. He said that building maintenance would have to come and punch a hole into the wall so that they could locate the wire before he can give us cable/internet. So he left.

My apartment now holds a broken new tv, no cable/internet, and no couch to watch the broken tv without cable on. So you can all imagine how bored I was yesterday when I took off work because I have a horribly gross cold. So I layed on my living room floor in front of the windows and tanned in my underwear because the sun shines directly through our windows.

So after all that, regularity is on its way. We get our cable/internet installed on Thursday, and our couch delivered on Saturday. As for my tv being fixed, I am still not sure when that is going to be fixed. I am hoping sometime this week.

***I want to send a huge hug and thank you to all of our friends who helped us during this move. An extra double hug goes out to my friend Scott, who if it wasnt for his muscle burly bearness, we never wouldve gotten half my shit moved.

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