Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Crazy Days

I apologize for being absent as of late, but my job has been kicking my ass. I no longer have time to surf the net except on my lunch break which still gets interrupted with phone calls to Comcast the cable company. Yes, the battle with Comcast continues to wage forth crazy at that may seem. Last night I wrote a 5 page letter to the GM of Customer Service in their headquarters in beautiful San Fransisco. And I spoke to an executive there today who is actually willing to help me find a solution unlike everyone else who just attempted to put me into contact with people who dont know what they are doing.

This weekend we had our house warming party and I have to say, it couldnt have went any better. Most of the people came that I really wanted there, and everyone loved the new loft and congratulated us on how great it looked *due to my faboosh decorating skills*. People described it as a NYC Manhattan looking lounge type deal. The dark red, black, and white colors we used, mixed with the candles that were everywhere, along with the fun house music we has playing. At one point, it got a little too crowded with 23 people standing in my living room and kitchen, not leaving much room to do anything but start a bukkake. If you dont know what that is, you need to look it up, and look at pictures. Very safe work btw ;)

So yeah, St Paddys day celebrating went well. I got trashed and ended up looking retarded *no offense*, I will post pictures of that once I have some free time. This weekend should be interesting as I will be meeting the bfs parents for the first time ever! Even though I have to play coy and just be his roommate, I might sneak in little sexy glances or smacks on the butt. And of course by that I mean to his father! Grrrr. not really, but I am excited to meet them even if I have to lie about not eating and fucking their beloved sons ass.

Lastly, I gained 3 more lbs of muscle which is quite exciting!!! I still have a long way to go to meet my goal which is 12 more lbs of muscle, but its a good start and I have until July to do it, so I am feeling very positive about that.

Alright kids, hope you are having a good week! Ciao!

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Craig said...

"eating and fucking their beloved sons ass"

Oh how I love when you talk dirty!