Tuesday, March 10, 2009


I havent had much to write about as of late. I was just trying to think about what I should in fact write about because I am due for a post or two, and i just thought of why I have the case of the infamous writers block.

Thinking back over the past week or so, things in my life have just been for the most part, blissful. Things are good. Minus still not having a couch, full cable television, or fast internet. Its nice going home now everyday to the one guy who can put a smile on my face simply from saying hello.

We have been getting our routine together for our daily lives and household chores. Like when I cook dinner, he cleans up. And since I am the one who mostly cooks, I much obliged to this idea. I hate the cleanup but love making the mess. And for the first time ever, I have eaten a whole piece on fish. I am not the biggest fan of seafood and can only eat it if breaded. Well, so far last week we had 2 different dinners consisting of 2 types of fish. And I have to say, its not bad if you smother it in ketchup! :)

I have also spent the past week and a half searching for various decor to place around the new loft. And because I am on a budget, makes it hard to make what i want. I plan on doing this to create a work of art on my own, but I need the temperature to agree with me so I can do it outside. I also have been having some trouble deciding which two of my own photographs I want to get blown up and put into some nice frames for the living room. Maybe I can create a poll and post some of my pictures later on and you can all help me decide.

We have decided on an Asian theme for our living room/dining room areas. I love the contrast of reds/blacks/dark browns so it fits well with my personality and style. I know some of you *Sam* expressed interest in seeing pictures of the new pad, so once we get our new couch in on Thursday I will take some pictures of the new place and since it isnt that big, I only need to take a few.

Other than that, not much else going on. The bf and I are planning a St. Patty's Day/house warming party at the loft on Saturday night surrounded by 20 or so of our closest friends. If they can all fit anyways. I am not sure how much we are going to get into the St. Patty's Day spirit though. Pittsburgh loves to go all out, but I do not know if I am going to be up to it on Saturday morning to wake up and get bombed. I dont even have one of the cliche "Kiss Me I'm Irish" *which I am* T-shirts. But I am sure that one of my friends will drag me out by my teeth for kegs and eggs somewhere.

Lastly, the weather still sucks for the most part. We experienced 2 nice days of weather in the past week, but its all doom and gloom rain for the next few days here. I need sunshine and 75 degrees. Then I will be in pure bliss.


Ian J Brooks said...

surely u mean St.Paddy's day! LOL

Glad to hear your settling in ok!
I wish my nesting was going as well!

Ian X

Nathan West said...

o,i cant wait to see ur art! Post it up, it will be great to see. Smokyhot Asian Themed~ have a good weekend bro.