Monday, March 23, 2009

I'm Am Tired

This is a post about me bitching. Gotta get some stuff off my chest. Thanks.

As of late, overall things have been going great. I got my apartment in the condition that I wanted it to be in and I finally got Comcast to wise up and give me what I wanted. But as of late, I have been tired of being Mr. Nice guy. You know, the guy who will basically bend over backwards to make someone else happy even to the detriment of his own. Here is my list of I'm so tired of this bullshit:

I am tired of showing people acts of kindness and not really ever seeing it returned.

I am tired of people who do not follow through with something when they promised me they would.

I am tired of people not making things that affect other people their priority.

I am tired of people bitching they have no friends but yet do nothing to change it and/or bad mouth the ones they do have because they do not meet their expectations. It is not other people's fault you have no friends. Its your own! Think back to why you have lost your old friends and recall why that happened. If that is a reoccurring theme, its not them, its YOU! You need to look inside and try to figure out why no one likes you and change! Otherwise, you will never have anyone!

I am tired of being let down by someone when I know in fact that they were going to in the first place.

I am tired of people saying "I have a problem with alcohol and I want to learn to control it" but then go out the next day and get wasted

I am tired of putting on a fake smile when I really dont want to

I am tired of people not responding to my emails and phone calls on important matters

I am tired of seeing guys with popped collars *Please god stop the madness!!!

I am tired of acting like I care when I really dont

I am tired of hearing people do nothing but bash on our new President

I am tired of looking at pictures and stories about the Pope

I am tired of people not doing their job

I am tired of people not answering a simple question

I am tired from not sleeping well

I am tired of my ham and mayo sandwiches for lunch

I am tired of the norm

I am tired of not doing what I want

I am tired of not being able to afford the tattoo I want

I am tired of not saying "Fuck em all"

I am tired of being very tired from all of this.

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