Friday, March 6, 2009


Yesterday I was finally able to get the cable guy to come to my new place to provide me with the endless happiness that tv and internet gives me. Well happiness only came half way last night. You see, with me, everything has to be hard. And not only in my pants. Nothing could ever go smoothly. So of course, I knew issues would arise when the cable guy was there. And of course it did. Lets track back here. My apartment building gets discounts through Comcast. Our partment building also has its own particular sales rep *Tom* who works there who knows what these discounts are. So I called him and set us up with the fastest internet they have as well as a nice little package for tv including HD and a DVR. This was all I ordered form him. However, a few days later, we needed to add a telephone line so that we can buzz people into our apartment building. So I called Tom to add the phone and he didnt answer. So I called Comcasts general customer service # and talked to nice lady on the phone. I explained to her that we get a discount yadda yadda and all I want to do is add a phone to everything I already have. She said great, clicked a few buttons and told me everything was good to go. Well she lied.

Apparently, she erased everything I had ordered, and gave me basic everything. Basic internet, basic cable, and no HD or DVR. But I did have phone! :) Bitch. Tom also assured me I would pay absolutely nothing the day of installation and I would be billed for everything. Well that didnt happen either. Before the cable install guy left, he asked me for a check or money order to pay for the install! I told him i was told I am not supposed to pay anything up front and I was going to be billed for everything. Which he understood how everything was messed up by the one lady at Comcast so he didnt make me pay. Especially because I would be paying for stuff I didnt even order. So now I am left with all this basic stuff until Tom personally comes to my loft on Sunday to replace everything.


On a much happier note, I get my big tv replaced today. I went through the hassle of working with the tv company to fix and ship me a new one and bullshit, but I was told it was going to take roughly 2 weeks before I would see one. Luckily, the store I bought it from just received 10 in yesterday so during my lunch break I am going to switch them out. However, they are now charging $50 more for the same tv than what I bought it for, and customer service told me I will probably have to pay the extra $50 which I think is complete bullshit. But I guess once I bitch to a manager long enough, he will let that slide.

Its the weekend though, and I will have a new tv. That makes me happy.


VpO said...

I feel your pain, Comcast blows!

Nathan West said...

it takes one person to mess up the whole bloody thing ay. But at least a new tv will be surely there by the weekends, wowie!!!