Wednesday, March 18, 2009

American Idol Adam Lambert

I am not sure which of you American readers actually watch this show anymore, but I am hooked on it, just as I have been through previous seasons. This year if you havent heard, we have an openly gay contestant who in my eyes is the best of them all. Last night was "Country" night which pretty much sucked overall, however, Adam's performance I thought was absolutely amazing. Vocals were spot on and the rendition of the song rocked. Sadly however, the judges just seemed weirded out by the performance. Check it out below. Do you agree?

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Jackdaw said...

Let me first say that I'm living in Europe, so I don't watch the American version on tv. Adam showed his creativity, uniqueness and skills as a singer and performer here, but if I was in the jury I would, after praising him, tell him he didn't stick to the assignment. His 'Ring of Fire' is certainly not a country song.