Thursday, February 26, 2009

2 More Days

Well the time is almost here for the big move into my new place, which starts a new journey for the bf and I. I have been feeling sort of at odds though as of late, now that it is my reality. I see couples finally take the big step and move in with each other thinking that they are going to spend the rest of their lives with one another, but then, they learn they cant stand to live with each other so then a murder-suicide case happens. I am just a little worried now that that will happen to us. Now the killing part, but I just hope we dont end up like alot of other cohabiting couples. However, I know that their are plenty of others who take that leap and make it just fine.

We start moving tomorrow, taking what boxes we can fit in our cars, just to get a head start for Saturday. I have been packing boxes all week, filling them with dishes, clothes, degrees and diplomas. But as much as I have been packing, I have been throwing away just as much. I am trying to rid myself of all things I haven't touched with the past year. I hate throwing things away, and I tend to keep everything. When I throw something away, I feel it is just so final. But I know I need to part with some things, as they are part of a life no longer lived. And I am slowly becoming accustomed to that.

On top of the stress that is coming along with all of that, I am having a series of bad luck regarding some of my new purchases. My new tv, well yeah, I hate it. Why? Because two nights ago it died. I was watching the Presidential address then all of a sudden it went black. I could hear the sound but no picture. I tried everything to make it work again, but no luck. I wouldve returned it but no one has it in stock. Gag. So a repairman is coming to fix it next week. On top of that, you know that new car I bought. Yeah. It sucks too. My heater stop working. I dont know why, but it did. So now I have to get that fixed next week.

And on top of that, work has been extremely stressful and busy for me. This post has taken me 3 hours to write because I cant seem to find time to finish it. So I am going to now. Peace be with you.


Sam said...

fuck that! Go get your ass down to the shop and demand a refund. Then buy a new TV with the money!

Craig said...

I'm sure living together is going to be great! Yeah, there may be some adjustment time, but I have a feeling there won't be any fights about leaving the toilet seat up. :-P

Sorry about the car and TV! When it rains it pours.