Monday, April 21, 2008

Open Your Mouth Very Wide

I have been going to a certain dentist now for a few months to get my regular checkup, some teeth cleaning, and some cavities filled. I always suspected the dental assistant was gay and thought that the dentist himself was a Mo as well. My visit last week confirmed that not only are both of them gay, but they have been partners for 9 years! I thought this was crazy. The assistant finally admitted it after telling him of my trips to DC and visiting DuPont Circle and my upcoming plans to Rehoboth Beach. I guess that gave it away to him, se he felt comfortable enough to tell me his story.

I found it quite enlightening to find another gay couple that has beat the odds and have been able to make a relationship last that long. I find it even more fascinating that they literally see each other 24 hours a day and arent bald from pulling all their hair out. But I guess when you are in love, it doesnt matter how much time you spend together. Obviously they must have their fights, but to be business partners and partners in life is quite amazing. I envy what they have.

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