Friday, April 18, 2008

Bad Luck

I have written about my bad luck in the past, and it just never seems to end. I dont know if its a karma sort of thing or what, but I am just being pounded with bad luck. I just get really frustrated because, I try to be a good person. I try to play by the rules. And I try to always do the right thing. However, my nun-like ways just dont ever pay off.

A few days ago, my computer which I bought a year ago, broke. Well not the whole thing but the disc drive. It wont open. :( Now I cant burn any music to listen to in my car. Damn!

Yesterday I decided because it was absolutely fabulous outside that I would go for a run. Well during my run, something didnt work right in my knee and now I am in tons of pain.

I still have not heard from any additional companies regarding jobs. Despite putting in dozens of resumes into places, I havent had any luck in that department.

Lastly, my health situation isnt getting any better either. I am waiting to hear back from my doctor to see if my situation is going to get extremely bad. This scares me.

All of these things are heavily weighing on me. I am starting to fall into depression and I hate it. But it is just one thing after another and I am not able to take much more. If I dont find a new job soon, I am definitely going to have to go on Anti-depression medication to get me through this.

On the bright side it is 80 degrees today in Pittsburgh!

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Brian said...

Hey, drop in on your blog from Joe.My.God occasionally and read about your job loss / lack of insurance / medical issues. If you are uninsured and need info about free healthcare / free medicine there is some good stuff on the Allegheny County Health Dept website ( - 'Guide for the Uninsured and Underinsured' in the right column. A bunch of the clinics offer some low cost medications as well.