Monday, April 7, 2008

Weekend Getaway

I just got back from being in DC for the weekend and now I am in Cleveland for work. I am currently physically and mentally worn out after this past week/weekend. As stated in my previous post, my current status of "employed" is now at risk of being switched over to "unemployed" sometime in the next few weeks. I have finally talked to all of my bosses and all necessary HR people. I now have only limited options. I was offered a job in Cleveland which I know I am not going to take. Once I tell them I am not going to take this job, they will be searching to see if there are any other positions available in the company. However, it is quite obvious that my bosses do not feel optimistic about this. There is but one slight hope that has come about that I am keeping my fingers crossed for. There is a position open, but it would only be a temporary job. I am not exactly qualified for it, but I do have the knowledge that I have gained after being with the company for almost 10 months now. So I will probably know about that situation sometime this week once I get back from Cleveland.

As I said, I just got back from being in DC. My boyfriend, our 2 friends, and myself, went to see some more DJs at the club Ibiza there. Sasha and John Digweed play more in the Progressive genre of music. But we didnt see them until Saturday so let me rewind briefly to Friday. We stayed at the Marriot Hotel at Metro Center which was an amazing location. That night a friend of ours threw a small party for us at his apartment, before heading out to a sports bar called Nellies then to a newer gay bar called Town. I tried to get wasted at the party because I wanted to save some money on the over priced drinks at bars. Well, my plan worked and by the end of the party I was feelin pretty good. By this time, I had also come to the conclusion that the new gay song of the moment is by Miley Cyrus. Who would have thought a 14 year old would have been making gays dance all around the country. I will admit I do love the song, and I will shimmy to it when I hear it. Dont laugh though, you do too. Just admit it. So we finally leave the party and head over to the bars. I wasnt impressed with Nellies which is supposed to be a sports bar. There was nothing sporty about it. In fact ESPN wasnt even on any of their TVs. Nope, not one. Instead, the Bravo channel graced every screen, except one, which was soft core gay porn featuring two guys showering together.

So we left Nellies and headed over to Town. It was a nice club, that had a good atmosphere, and decent music. I was definitely drunk when I arrived, and by the end of the night, things took a turn for the worse after having an overall great night. So because I was 5 too many drinks to the wind, I made myself upset over something stupid and took it out on the bf. This turned into me going psycho as the boyfriend described and screaming at the bf like I never have before. But at the time my screaming seemed justified, but the day after I realized it wasnt. I went to bed that night actually being single. In all my drunkenness, somehow we broke up once we got back to the hotel, but by the time we both got up the next morning, we were back together. I am really happy we didnt break up over a fight I started when I was drunk.

So the next day, we did the normal routine. We all traveled to DuPont Circle to get lunch where we indulged ourselves in all you can drink mimosas followed by some shopping at Universal Gear. I got in contact with an old friend of mine from college who now lives in DC and he was going to meet up with me at the Ibiza. So now I had one more thing to look forward to that night.

OK, this is post is sort of boring, so let me just wrap it up like all you boys should during sex. Ibiza was great. The DJs were amazing. We had 5 hours of dancing even though it seemed like 10. It was a great experience.

Also, during this whole weekend, I met all of the bf's ex boyfriends. It just so happened that they were all in DC at the same time. I told my bf that I do have some insecurities when it comes to his ex boyfriends, only because I want to be better than them at everything like sex, better looking, more fun, etc. So anyways, I have only met and seen one of his exs who is his current best friend. So once I finally met the other two, it was nice to see that they were in fact, not cute at all. I dont know why, but it put some ease on my insecurities with them. I even told him that, and he couldnt understand why, and I am not sure why either. I guess I am just a superficial asshole. :)

So yeah, I had a great weekend minus the blowup with the bf on Friday. Sorry for the long boring post!

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Hamilton said...

The Miley song has been growing on me and I indeed love it. Yes, I do wonder how a girl who is almost 10 years younger than I am and can't legally do anything on her own yet make me wanna dance. Kinda cool but definitely scary. Next thing you know it is probably some 8 year old singing about her eagerness of getting a period or something... I don't know I am just talking now...