Monday, April 21, 2008

Hey Guurl!

I just found out that a Mrs. Hillary Clinton will be speaking one block away from my work office. And it is outside so I will finally be able to hear her speak! I am really happy that I am able to do this before I actually vote for her tomorrow. I have finally made my decision on who I am going to vote not too long ago. My thought process is this. Despite the fact that Obama and Clinton do have a very similar campaign, there are obviously a few things that they feel different about. Now I believe that Obama will be overall better for me but I think Hillary will be better for our country. Now I only Obama will be better for me because I think with him in office, I do believe that I would be able to have some sort of civil union with the man of my dreams one day and receive all the rights that come along with heterosexual marriage. However,I do not think that will happen with Hillary. She believes that the country should allow each state to decide if they want to extend those benefits to gay couples. And a small history lesson shows that most states dont want gay couples to have those rights, otherwise we would probably have them already.

But nonetheless I think she is more prepared to handle difficult situations than Obama is. I think she has the experience and the leadership qualifications that she needs to do our country well and finally put it back on track.

So tomorrow when I am able to vote, it will be for Mrs. Hillary Clinton!

Update: I went and listened to her speak which wasnt for very long. Apparently her plane did not even land yet when she was already supposed to be speaking. So Bill ended up talking for about an hour shooting down all the criticism about Hillary. Finally Hillary arrived and repeated everything Bill said. Overall, it was just ok. I was however, told that I was seen on the news, so thats pretty cool. I have pictures of the rally and will upload them tomorrow. Holla!

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Hillary Supporter said...

Hey there,

Just thought you'd like to know that Hillary actually has a better plan to allow a federalized civil union for homosexuals.

While Obama seems to be very liberal, the truth is that he is more closely tied to his religion and does not want to support any sort of civil union for gay couples.

Hillary Clinton does support equal rights for gay couples.

Her husband is the only president in history to actually show support for gay couples. And she will continue to do the same.

Barack Obama will not.

Go Hillary!

P.S. Most gays (men and women) are supporting Hillary Clinton.