Friday, April 25, 2008

Last Day

My last day at my job is here and I am surprised how sad I am that my time here is ending. I wont miss my typical day to day duties, but I will miss the friends here that I met and the fact that I got to come in late and leave early. It also was nice doing nothing but reading Perez Hilton and writing in my blog. But all of this has come to an end. The people I met in my office are amazing people. The 3 people in my office whom I bonded with, provided me with an outlet to vent my frustrations and relieve my anxiety through humor. I will miss all of them greatly.

My interview is at 1:00 today, and this could bring an exciting future for me. I hope this works out in my favor, and allows me to hold onto my financial security. I need this to happen for me.

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