Tuesday, September 11, 2007

The Good Life

Well it appears that I cannot write in this blog as much as I had hoped I would. I feel a sense of writers block when it comes to writing about my own life. Sure I can write about the news and what not, but just look on CNN, they will tell it better then I can, and without all the useless sarcasm.

So not much has changed for me since my last post. I am still hating my job, and still looking for a new one. I still am unhappy living with the semi-crazy cat lady and her 4 cats. But honestly other than those things, my life seems to be moving in a positive direction. For what seems like a good portion of my life, I was very depressed. Never being satisfied with anything, always wanting something better or more. But recently, I have had this feeling of being content. I have been having the greatest time with the bf. We have been spending more and more time together, and things are going wonderfully. We are in the stage where we *more me than him, can act weird and goofy around each other without worrying that the other is freaked out. So I sing loud, make off the wall comments, and just be myself. He made the comment this weekend that I "am acting weird today." Which I was. The day before while I laid in my hotel in Columbus Ohio, I decided that I don't want to continue to act "cool" and not be my complete self around him. I figured if he doesn't like the goofy, extremely weird, and sometimes annoying personality I might as well let him start to know this side of me now.

I have been hanging out with my family a lot too. To me family is very important, so when I get to hang out with any of family, I really enjoy myself. I am fortunate to have many siblings that are around my age that enjoy going out to bars and clubs on weekends. This weekend we went to Diesel and Prive'. Two of my favorite bars in the burgh. My sisters really enjoy my bf, and always make me feel comfortable when I bring him around.

I sent my mother 3 dozen roses for her birthday on September 7. She loved them and when she called me to thank me, she started crying on the phone when she told me how proud of me she is, and how she is so happy I turned out to be a good person. Hearing things like that always puts someone in a good mood. When she comes down to Pittsburgh to visit me, I am going to surprise her with mother-son massages at Spa Uptown. So I hope she visits me soon.

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