Wednesday, September 12, 2007

On the second date you rent a UHaul

I was at the mall yesterday buying a new pair of dress shoes because mine broke yesterday when I decided to walk from my downtown office to my home in the North Side. I guess Steve Madden shoes are not meant for long distance walking. Anyways, while at the mall with the bf, we ran into one of his friends who I have met once before. She is a very well known girl to business people in Pittsburgh and recently has had an epiphany that she is gay. She now has a girlfriend who she started to see around the same time that the bf and I started dating back in June. Much to my surprise, they are already living to together. My man and I have talked numerous times saying that we would want to wait for about a year or so before we would go so far as to move in with each other.

I moved in with an ex only after 4 months of dating. We were together for two and half years. So its not like moving in so soon is a horrible thing. I know that it is much riskier when you co-habitate, because if a breakup were to happen, someone has to move out and its a big pain in the ass. But honestly for me, I could easily see the bf everyday and enjoy it. We have basically spent the last 7 days together already and I am sad because I don't get to see him tonight. Its just hard though because I don't know if he is ready for a break from seeing me so often.

My question is, how long is an appropriate amount of time before a couple should move in together? I don't think there is an exact length of time, but shouldn't one be worried about making that type of commitment so soon. Or at least have some sort of backup plan if things go sour. I need to start thinking about this, because once I get a new job and get acclimated to it, I want to find a new place to live, and as much as I would love to live by myself, financially it isn't smart for me to do so. And what would be greater than living with the person you can't get enough of.

So as my bf's friend said*And I am probably misquoting horribly, "For Lesbians, on the second date you get the UHaul, and the third date you get the ring. For gay men, the second date you screw for the second time, and the third date you look to find someone new."

Maybe I am a lesbian then.

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jay said...

I live alone and it does take a chunk out of my income but with regards to moving in with the bf, I think waiting a while is probably a good idea simply because it takes forever to get to know someone and there are some inevitable flaws that you may be more accepting of when you've known them longer than currently.

Just my two cents.