Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Restaurant Review: Lucca

Every weekend the bf and I go to at least one nice fancy dinner. I enjoy fine dining and I am trying to get his tastes to be acclimated to the same type of food. So I figured since I go to these places one or more times every week, I might as well give the restaurants a little review so as maybe the two or three people that read this can try or not try a restaurant out.

This weekend we had a nice little dinner at Lucca on Craig Street in Oakland. This quaint restaurant had a nice variety of continental cuisine. We made reservations for 8:30, but they definitely we not needed as there were more tables empty then filled. Dinner started off with some Escargot. Some garlic flavored snails is always a good start to any meal. They were very well flavored and weren't dried out. I ordered the duck for my entree. The duck sat upon a slice of banana nut bread served with green beans and a raspberry wine sauce. I have ordered duck many times and never has it come sitting on a piece of bread. I thought this was sort of weird, and in fact a bad a idea. The duck and green beans made the bread soggy and almost inedible. Luckily I saved it by quickly taking off the duck and all the green beans and separating it the way it really should have been served. On a higher note, the duck was amazing. Perfectly cooked, seasoned well, and nice portions. The bf ordered some sort of meat I forget what it was. But it was also very good nonetheless. Next time I will take better notes so I can give a better accurate review.

We then ordered dessert. A chocolate souffle cake. From the time of order, it was approximately 20 minutes later that we received the cake. This in my eyes is unacceptable. Finally the host came over and asked if we needed anything, and of course, I said the cake. So shortly there after, he brought it over. For $8 it seemed sort of small and not as rich as I have had at other places. I would rate the dessert then as mediocre.

Once we received the bill, it was another 20 minutes before the waiter came back to fetch my debit card to pay for the meal. The service is definitely lacking at this restaurant, so make sure you schedule a well allocated amount of time before you have a meal here. The prices of the food were reasonable not including the dessert, and the portions were filling, and the atmosphere also good. Overall I would rate it a 7 out of 10.

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