Friday, August 17, 2007

A World Without Frappaccino

My life as of recently has been pretty boring. More arduous traveling. This week I was in South Carolina. Hot as balls down there. The average was 99 degrees during my stay. Funny thing happened while I was there though. 2 things actually. One being I think I have had my first good day at work. I actually enjoyed myself for the first time while doing my job. Of course the next day was back to the norm, but for one day I enjoyed myself. This wont have any effect on how much I still hate the job, and I still do plan on quitting soon, once I start applying for other jobs.

The other interesting thing that happened to me was I was somewhere in the USA where people have never heard of Starbucks! I know! Crazy crazy crazy! I was under the impression that Starbucks has become more then just a coffee shop, but more like an institution. The place where I frequent to get my grande' Carmel Macchiato did not exist in the parts of South Carolina where I was. This was a shock to me. And when I asked the waitress if there was a Starbucks around, she actually replied "Is that like a Wal-Mart or something?" I knew I wasnt in Pittsburgh anymore. This got me thinkin. I almost felt as if people who live in the middle of nowhere, where all they know is Wal-Mart and cows, are missing out in life. I feel like living in a metropolitan area or at least some place where the people out-number the farm animals gives someone a wider perspective of what the world is. When you live in farm country, you know only whats around you. But for some reason in a city, I feel I get a better idea of what the world is really like. And now that I am actually thinking about it, thats probably because you have the different classes of people, racially, economically, socially.


jay said...

They didn't know Starbucks? Heck, I'm not even American and I know Starbucks.

Starshucks said...

So because someone doesn't know Starbucks means they're missing out? They're not the ones wasting 4 bucks on a cup of coffee.

Pete said...

Us and the Belgians are the only ones in Europe not having Starbucks, if you ignore one airport. And it sucks!