Friday, September 28, 2007

The Pain of PRK

As I posted before, I finally had my LASIK surgery. It went well. No need to describe the surgery, you can look it up. It was short and basically not painful. However, the days to come were not what I were expecting. The morning after the surgery was horrible. I was by myself missing a glorious day of work which my boss was not too happy about. So as soon as I wake up I feel my eyes that have a burning unlike anything I can describe. It feels as though someone is pouring acid over them. I cannot open either of them and tears are just pouring down my face. Not because I was crying, but because the pain was so intense. I was blind. I was blind for about 3 hours where I couldn't open my eyes to see anything. I couldn't see anything to take my Vicodin pills or any of my 4 eye drops. I was miserable. I finally found my pills by waving my hands in the air until I so luckily bumped into them on my desk. I fell asleep and woke up 4 hours later and my eyes felt ten times better. I could open them up and walk around. This seemed to be the routine for the next few days. My eyes would be caught lit on fire from God every morning, **His way punishing my homo ways, and a few hours later I would be fine.

All this led up to a miserable Monday. I flew to San Antonio for the week for work. Everything seemed to have been going well. I felt a slight annoyance in my left eye but ignored and figured it was nothing. It was during dinner on the famous Riverwalk that my eye was in full blown distress. It was all puffy, I couldnt open it up, and once again tears running down my face. Now, what seemed to be icing on the cake or me was not that my eyes were killing me, but where we were eating. I had the pleasure of dining at a place called Dick's Last Resort. This is a place where the waiters, hosts, and cooks are all mean to you. This is not my type of restaurant. I think it stems back to me being made fun of in middle school for being the poor kid who didnt wear cool clothes. So needless to say I was in a ton a pain, and I am being made fun of cause my eye is gross. Not fun!

The only positive thing that came out of my eye being nasty and hurting, was that I got to fly back home the next day and do nothing but sleep for the next two days straight. It was heaven. And now my eye feels ten times better and I am still happy I got the surgery done.

So my advice to anyone getting the surgery is make sure you have someone to take care of you for at least 3 days. Cause if you dont, it sucks!

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