Friday, September 14, 2007

White House Here I Come

This weekend I am going to Washington DC with the bf and his group of friends. I have only been their once a little more than a year ago with my ex. We were driving to Florida for a vacation so we decided to stop. I am really looking forward to going this time though. We are mainly going because the #1 DJ in the world will be there. DJ Tiesto will be performing at LOVE Nightclub on Saturday. So Friday night we plan on gaying it up a bit at the non-heterosexual bars since Saturday night will be spent at the straight bars.

Another reason why I am excited to go to DC is the face that I get to see probably my favorite fag hags **I guess we are calling them fruit flies nowadays. She lives in DC and is one of the most energetic people I have ever met. She wakes up screaming and bubbly. It is a bit much sometimes, but she can always bring a little energy to a lame party. And she is fun to dance with. I love a little woman booty in my crotch every once in a while.

I hear that DC crime rates are going up. I am going to attempt not to get robbed or beat up while there. That could always ruin a weekend.

And completely off topic, but I came to work today and when I get to work, I check all the normal sites. CNN, MSNBC, and PerezHilton. However, much to my dismay, PerezHilton was blocked. I guess the pictures of Britneys vajajay were against my works policy. I would guess I would spend at least an hour on his site daily. Now I have to find something else to occupy my time. Blah and booo.

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jay said...

DC crime has always been pretty bad. NY is much safer, weird but true.