Thursday, September 20, 2007

Guide to Gay Bar Behavior for Straight Girls

First let me say that I did not come up with this. I dont think that I am that witty enough to do so. With that said, enjoy!
A topic that keeps popping up lately in our social network is the question of straight girls in gay bars. It's been discussed on DC Urban Family and has been a part of many recent conversations among Team Lady.

Let me preface this entire conversation though by saying there are actually a good number of straight girls that I LOVE to have in my bar. They are the ones who are laid back and chill. They know how to behave and have a good time without making a spectacle of themselves. The girls from the Urban Family are a perfect example. And Team Lady's favorite girl "Prada" can constantly be found by our side.

I don't have a problem with straight girls.That being said.... just like Pavlov's dog, experience has taught me to react poorly when I see a straight girl walk up to the bar (or worse a group of them). I have had enough bad experiences that immediately I begin to cringe a little inside thinking of all the possible things that could face me for the evening.

So to help build a bridge of understanding I'd like to offer Mr. Bartenders Guide to Gay Bar Behavior for Straight Girls:

We are not here for your entertainment:
You are not going to the circus or the zoo - the gay boys are not a spectacle or a novelty here for your entertainment. If you see two boys flirting or kissing, please do not point and/or laugh. If you want to go to a gay bar to be entertained by the fags - please just stay home. One time I was out at JRs and this girl insisted on going into the guy's restroom because she wanted "to see what you boys do in there". You know what I do in a bathroom? I pee. Shocking I know...

Do not expect special treatment:
I know that you are daddy's little princess, but here you're out ranked by a bar full of queens. Lose the attitude. Oh and stop flaunting your breasts, they don't work here. Do not use them to try and score free drinks from either the bartender or the other customers. Oh and since you're now buying your own drinks - remember to tip, it's rude not to.

Do not try to play matchmaker:
Yes I know that you have a hot friend who is gay, but that does not mean he's right for every cute guy you see out at the gay bar. Gay attraction is more complex than gay man + gay man = perfect match. Gay men can be quite finicky bitches when it comes to dating and unless your gay friend ASKS you to approach a guy on his behalf, don't even think about it. In fact, if he does ask you to do it I'd caution him against it. Personally I'm much more likely to talk to a guy who has the balls to come over to me himself instead of sending someone in to break the ice.

Be aware of space limitations:
Bars tend to get quite packed & crowded on busy nights, gay bars are no exception. Sure our bars may play better music but if you're not on the dance floor - don't dance. No one wants you bumping into them and spilling their cocktail. And trust me, if I have to watch you mimicking the latest slutty-teen-pop-superstar I'm gonna need all the booze I can get. Take it to the dance floor, if there's no dance floor- don't dance. Oh and if you know you're going to a crowded bar, leave your supersized purse at home. No one wants to keep getting hit with that thing every time you turn around.

Don't be homophobic:
Yes I know this one should be a no brainer, but sadly it's not. I can understand how you may get upset with a someone at the bar. I know for a fact that some gay men can be complete dicks and deserve a good ol' insult hurled their way. But please do not resort to calling someone a fag. There are plenty of other insults at your disposal - you do not need to chose the cheap and easy route that will inevitably piss off all the other guys at the bar. Also if someone assumes you're a lesbian or you get hit on by a girl, don't get all offended. Oh and please do not make it a point to inform everyone that you are not a lesbian. Really we don't care, if we do - we'll ask.

Flirt with the gay boys wisely:
Remember there's a difference between someone flirting and someone just being a dumb ass. I'm always up for someone throwing a compliment my way even if its from someone I have no interest in. I appreciate it if you tell me I have beautiful eyes, or a good smile - to that I say thank you. I will take that compliment. I do not appreciate you asking me "are you sure you're gay???" because yes I am sure - I am very gay, I have references. Or worse yet "what? you're gay? that's such a shame" - no it's not a shame and it's not a waste, I love being gay. Hell it prevents me from dating girls who would say stupid comments like that!

Get out of your head voice:
There is nothing more annoying to me when bartending than that one high and shrill voice that carries through the din of drunken conversations and loud music and pierces right through my ear. If your speaking voice is like Janice from Friends you need to take it down a couple notches (or a hundred). Remember you vocal cords are in your throat, not your head.

Above all, relax and don't be obnoxious:
I understand how sometimes it's fun for you to escape getting hit on by straight men and just want to let your hair down and have fun. That's great. But not having to impress a straight guy does not excuse you from having to behave yourself. Out of control drunks are annoying, even more so when they don't have a penis and you can't take advantage of their intoxicated state. Ladies, we love having you at our bar, but please just be laid back, chill and fun. No one wants to have to babysit the straight girl when we're trying to get laid...


jay said...

Oh I so hate it when ppl assume that if you put two gay guys together they're automatically going to start dating each other.

JR's. Never heard of it, i'm so out of the gay Pittsburgh scene. I tend to go to 5801 only occasionally.

Pete said...

I love this post! I have had some of the same experiences, and they tend to be the worst when the girls are drunk.

I was planning to do a post on this, but I don't want to be a copycat. Oh well.

Anonymous said...

Every straight girl that goes to a "guys" gay club please read and head this great article. I cannot say enough that I cringe when a straight girl comes up to me and hopes in return that I'm either straight or taken back by their compliment enough to be with them. Don't get me wrong. It must suck to be beautiful and used to getting hit on constantly though we're gay and is the reason I'm attempting to be Janet Jackson's back up dancer on the dance floor.

It is nice to receive a compliment, though to push your tits in my face and not leave me alone is another thing. I feel really awful looking at your puppy dog eyes after a rejection. Trust me no one like rejections including myself. Which is the reason for the most part I don't approach a guy I'm interested in until he gives me a sign to.

I'm a straight acting I think very attractive guy and I simply love dancing. I dance at S4 in Dallas Texas and each time I'm there I dread going because a girl always comes on to me. I don't mind girls coming to gay bar/clubs as long as you behave yourselves. Please don't hit on us and don't get drunk. It's not pretty. And if you have an attractive straight guy friend with you don't use him to attempt to get to us. It's not cool.

That being said. Enjoy the eye candy (we are), dance your asses off. And if you can't handle your alcohol DON'T START DRINKING ;-)...Peace love and awesome music.

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Anonymous said...

I love well behaved girls at bars but it's gotten so bad that there's a Facebook group called BOOBs. For Bimbos Out of Our Bars. Check it out. Very similar sentiment.