Friday, September 28, 2007


My psycho brother asked me to babysit his 3 year old son. Naturally having the motherly instincts that I have, I was thrilled to watch the little shit. So my brother dropped him off at my apt which I have now realized is not at all kid friendly. With two spiral staircases, hardwood floors, and 4 cats, this could have been a disaster. Everything went well. He calls me Uncle Jeffy, so how can you not love that. I took him grocery shopping with me at the most expensive and ghetto Giant Eagle I have ever been to. While loading him into my car, he was extremely excited yelling "race car race car!", and apparently he had never seen a sunroof before cause he didnt once take his eyes off of it. Now at this Giant Eagle everything was almost twice the price then WalMart. So I will continue to make the 20 minute drive to shop at America's favorite store. He was good for the most part, only begging for me to buy him Shrek cereal, which turned out to be a good buy anyways cause it is pretty damn good.

After shopping, I thought we would go for a walk around the North Shore along the river so he can see the city and the fountain at The Point. He would randomly sit on the sidewalk, Indian style *criss-crossed is the new term, and pull me down next to him and put his head on my arm. Can he be any cuter! He saw some ducks and immediately started quacking scaring them all away. He didnt want to leave putting up a good fight trying to stay but I was hungry and wanted some Shrek cereal.

The rest of the night went pretty well. The season premiere of Grey's Anatomy was on, and I am addicted so I attempted to watch that as he played with his cars on the floor. He is very well behaved and I am very thankful for that.

Overall it was a great experience for me. I know that I would need to keep a stock of RedBulls around because I dont have the energy to keep up with kids. I think I need another 5 years before I really consider becoming a dad.

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