Monday, February 25, 2008


This weekend was pretty not exciting. I hosted a mini board game night with some friends at my place where everyone got a little drunk and had a good time. On Saturday night the bf and our friends headed to the Pittsburgh Eagle for a night out of dancing and drinking. Chi Chi LaRue was supposed to be a guest star DJ but she never showed up. I was disappointed because I wanted to be her next big porn star. Oh well. Maybe next time. Back to dreaming I guess. The night started off a little poor from the bf and I getting into a fight in the parking lot of the bar while still in my car. We didn’t want that to ruin our night, so we both went in with our happy faces on and we both had a great time.

Now normally when I go out to a club/bar, I have been wearing usually a regular t-shirt or polo. But I have been working my ass of in the gym, so I wanted to show off my new muscles. So I have a few shirts that are a little tighter and show off the goods well. So I decided on my Andrew Christian Henley which nicely contours my back, chest, and arm muscles. Well I decided it is a definitely a good shirt to wear when you are having self esteem issues and/or single. I don’t think I have ever been hit on so much in one night. Within minutes of walking into the bar, I had strangers throwing compliments my way. Its always nice to have positive reinforcement like this. This continued for the rest of the night.

Beyond that, I had a really good rest of the night. I am beginning to make a new friend. One whom my boyfriend thinks that I was flirting and being flirted with. But he is much older than me almost double my age, but we just have a lot in common so it’s always nice to find someone who is easy to talk to. The night ended well. I am not completely sure because of my drunken state, but I even think it ended with some good ol sex between the bf and I.

Which brings me to Sunday. Started off well with some morning sex. Then quickly off to church. Those two things go so well together. Once again, I am really enjoying going, and at the end of the service a man came up to us and was talking about his partner and so on. It is so nice to be able to go to a church where I can be accepted instead of being told I am going to hell because of the person I love. I look forward once again to going next week. And there is a small added bonus having my bf going to church with me, I get to see him dressed up. And seeing him in dress is a huge turn on. Holla!

So yeah, that’s it. And only 13 days till I am sunbathing my booty on South Beach! :)

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