Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Well I made my final arrangements for a trip to Miami for work. I am the project leader for this big to do down there. Once this trip is over, I would have spent 3 months organizing it. I am very excited that it is coming though. My cubemate and I will be flying down two days before we are suppose to arrive and spend the weekend in the lovely Miami and South Beach. I have my board shorts and a pair of my boyfriends square cut swim shorts all ready to go. I know it is sort of really gay to wear square cut swim shorts to the beach, but I will only do it if I see other guys wearing them too. And they dont look horrible, unless you dont have a not so quite toned body. But since I have been working my ass off in the gym, I would say I am not too far away from looking like this guy...Minus the amazing hard rock abs.

So yeah. Hopefully all goes well with that. My bud and I are staying in a very nice hotel in downtown Miami which will be convenient for the late night clubbing there. Yay for me!

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K said...

Have fun!

Miami is great!