Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Everyone knows that the bf reads my blog. So of course he happens to read my last post literally minutes after it being posted. I was called out on my views via text message from him while still at work. He did however; say that in regards to him not going to my doctor’s appointment, that he will go if he is able to, and if there isn’t an obligation at work. That to me is fine and acceptable. He never told me that, but simply that it’s a really busy time for him and so he won’t be able to go. Some the specifics were left out which led me to believe that he didn’t care to be there for me.

I have seen a lot of comments and emails coming from people saying that it doesn’t sound like he is a good boyfriend and what not, but frankly, he really is. I don’t want to make him sound like a horrible person, but seemingly people usually focus on the negatives rather than the positives. He really is a great guy, and he really does treat me well. And something that matters most to me is that he wants to continue to try to make me happy. I do see him putting in the effort as he knows that I am as well. We both have agreed this past weekend that we do want this to work and we will make sacrifices and really try to make it work. This talk was brought on by a big argument I had about his best friend. But that will be another post later.

So I do want to defend him and say he really is a great guy and he does make me happy. And most of the time I am happy. Its just that something bad happens and I just want to write about while not posting about the more positive aspects of our relationship.

Its Valentine's Day tomorrow! What are you doin for it?

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