Friday, February 15, 2008

Post V-Day

Well my Valentine's Day went off without a hitch. I still don’t understand what that statement means, but I will still use it. It started off rough for me though because my bus that I catch from my job in downtown Pittsburgh to my house was 25 minutes late. So I had roughly 20 minutes to get undressed, showered, shaved, ironed, dressed again, ending in some final primping. But I managed to do it. SO the bf came to my place, and I opened my gifts. And I got 3 of things that I wanted. Chocolate covered strawberries, brownies, and a nice bottle of Rogaine. Yay for me! He waited til after dinner to open his gifts. Our dinner ended up being one of the best meals I have ever had. It was a 5-course meal at a Pan-Asian restaurant called Soba. I am not generally a fan of seafood but most of the courses they were offering had some hint of seafood in it. So I tried many new things. Caviar, oysters, sea urchin, scallops, lobster, and salmon were all the wonderful new foods I ate. And I loved most of them, as did the bf. I would rate my meal a 9 out of 10. The check was a little shocking though. The final bill including tip was for $167 which makes that meal the most expensive meal I have ever eaten. But still one of the best. Then we got back to my house where he opened up my gifts which mostly consisted of different types of dark chocolates such as dark chocolate covered fortune cookies and a dark chocolate rose. Corny I know. And I got him a few other corny cheap things. Then I lit the candles that I strategically placed all around my room, turned on my playlist of music which I put together the night before, and made sweet sweet sweaty man love.

The End.

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