Monday, August 3, 2009

Not What is Used to Be

This past Saturday 3 friends and I made the 15 minute trip to one of Pittsburgh's claims to fame...Kennywood!

Those who are amusement park connoisseurs should definitely know what Kennywood is. It is one of Americas oldest amusement parks. And is almost always placed in the top 10 parks in the country. The park isnt huge but for some Pittsburghers like myself, I would rather go here than to lets say Cedar Point. Which is known for having the most roller coasters than any other park in the world.

I have mentioned Kennywood a few times on my blog before and have noted that the nostalgia of the park due to going multiple times every summer growing up is what keeps me going back. I cant say much has changed at the park since I began going so many years ago, and I think thats why i like it. I love going there seeing the same rides upon entering the park, hearing the familiar music flowing out of the large Candy Shop near the entrance/exit, and smelling the cotton candy vendors that can be seen every few hundred feet.

I may not get the little butterflies in my stomach I once did when I was child as my family would try to find the best parking spot, and in fact instead the only thing I feel in my stomach now when I go there is usually motion sickness as my body is letting me know that i wont be able to ride roller coasters for much longer. My body has grown to be pretty lame. I mean I cant even ride the god damn Merry-Go-Round without getting sick.

But I am just as happy walking with whomever i am there with reliving old memories and watching the kids who do in fact get those butterflies knowing that they are the happiest little kids on the planet just as I once was.

As they say here in the Burgh, Kennywood's Open!!!


DrRuss said...

But how is the food. You can't have an amusement park unless there are corn dogs.

Some of my favorite memories--state fairs/amusement parks, corn dogs and roller coasters.

Barfy said...

Every year since I turned 20 I get sick at Kennywood. I tried all different experiments about cutting out the potato patch before rides, only going on really sunny days or really overcast days, deep just hasn't worked. :(

But there's just certain rides that are the real killers -- namely The Pirate!! Dear God...I get queesy thinking about it.

I always end up feeling like Kenny's dad when he took that abortion pill and went to the fair and then couldn't stop puking and shitting into the trash can.

Oh well. It's its own sick little thrill, I guess.