Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Kuroshio Sea

Yes, another video post. I promise I will actually write a post soon. Its been a busy week. :) Sit back, relax, and enjoy.

BTW, the song is "Please Don't Go" by Barcelona for those whom are curious.


bob_squared said...

Wow! Was that a basking shark in there? Must be a baby. . . very cool!

still skeeved out said...

1. Sorry, call me a tight-assed WASP, but that was beyond cringe-inducing.

2. There were more fucking fish in the tank than there were people in the gallery.

3. How starved for attention must one be that on a day where everyone has already gotten "dressed-up", traveled to attend, brought a camera and is standing there as a captive audience staring at you and watching your every move...and then you decide to really up the ante and try to squeeze out that last little bit of attention by swimming in circles through water full of your own poo like a drunken band of circus clowns?

4. Can't wait to see the video of these jagoff fish eating one another in a month or two.

5. They ruined that song for me.

Phoenixkidd said...

Beautiful! Kuroshio in Japanese literally means Black Soup, It's actually not a sea but the warm pacific current that travels northwards on the Pacific side of Japan that has many nutrients for the many fish that travel it.