Wednesday, August 26, 2009

David Guetta: One Love

I recently got a copy of the new David Guetta album, and honestly, its amazing. It completely crosses over pop with electronic and techno music. I really hope top 40 radio picks up on most of these songs as they will definitely be chart toppers. In Pittsburgh, there is not much if any House or electronic music played on the radio, so it will be exciting if some of these get played. I tried to find a playlist somewhere on the net where you can listen to the songs, but cannot find one. Youtube em if you wish to listen.

Songs you must listen to off the album:

1. When Love Takes Over feat. Kelly Rowland
2. Sexy Bitch feat. Akon
3. On The Dancefloor feat. Will.I.Am & APL
4. Sound of Letting Go feat. Chris Willis
5. I Wanna Be Crazy feat. Will.I.Am
6. Toy Friend feat. Wynter
7. If We Ever


Nathan West said...

this album is so yummy, tasty music at its best.

M&M said...

dude David Guetta's work makes me WET!!!

Israeli Suzy said...

I'll give a listen, but I still don't understand why no one records songs alone anymore. Why is every song "featuring" someone else? I am confident that a good artist can do just fine without including Will.I.Am or Akon, who are on every song played on the radio at this time.