Monday, February 9, 2009

Remember Him?

Remember the story about the friend I once had who tried to make out with me on the day his boyfriend was celebrating his birthday? You know this story.

Ok, now that you have refreshed your memory, there has been a little update to this...mishap. Last weekend I ran into this person at a club that I frequent every Saturday. This was the first time I had seen or talked to this person since that incident happened so many months ago. And for me, i was actually somewhat happy to see him. He used to be a good friend of mine, and even though we had a falling out, I still sort of missed the guy. Nonetheless, I told him it was good to see him, and that I was happy things were going ok in his life. It was an overall good conversation. He apologized to both my boyfriend and myself for what he attempted to do and it seemed like he was sincere with his apology. Oddly enough, I was even considering allowing him back into my life because he made a mistake and I thought he was genuinely sorry for what he did.

Wrong. A big fat wrong.

Jump forward to this weekend now. Once again I ran into him and immediately gave him a hug. He didnt however have the same welcoming look he had on his face from one week before. He jumped into a lecture type style of speech, explaining to me that I basically made the whole incident thing up in my head. That he never intended on making out with me or anything like that. He was simply trying to give a kiss goodbye and it was one huge misunderstanding and I had my opinion of what happened and it wasnt the right one.

And I stood there, mouth agape at what he was saying. Was here seriously trying to tell me that friends go and rub each others penises and pull each other in towards each other for a kiss on the cheek. Umm, no. If he knew there was just a big misunderstanding, why would he call me right after he tried to make out with me to apologize for what happened. And then called me the next day to again apologize, and not to tell his then boyfriend. Or why did he once again apologize to me just one week ago and then go and apologize to my boyfriend. I guess he was apologizing for me being an idiot and thinking he was going to try to make out with me when he was just going in for a nice warm hug.


Instead of this guy just owning up to his mistake, he is now trying to convince himself that it never happened. That I really did blow the whole thing out of proportion and that i made the whole thing up. Because that just totally makes sense.

So after all this bullshit, I am a little upset with myself for almost wanting this person back in my life. Usually once I cut you out of my life, it is for good. I almost always trust my first instinct. But something about his now bullshit apology seemed to ring true with me. He seemed so sincere about wanting to make things right. Luckily, he never had the opportunity to re-enter my life.

But maybe I am wrong about this whole situation and perhaps he is in fact right. Maybe the gays have taken the hello/goodbye kiss to the next level. No longer is the kiss on the cheek or quick peck on the lips acceptable. Maybe I missed the memo that now we give each other a quick blowjob and make out for a few minutes when saying goodbye. I will admit it would make us all more comfortable with each other, but this is going to be time consuming people! Can you imagine trying to leave a party or a dance club. Everyone's mouths would be so tired.

And because he does in fact read my blog, I am sure Ill get a text ro something telling me to take down this post, or to tell me I am still full of shit or a horrible person. So no one be afraid to tell him how you feel in the comments.


P L said...

Being the now ex-boyfriend, I can tell you that I never got the whole truth of this whole thing from him. He basically danced around the issue but I really could care less now. I can tell you that he did think it was acceptable behavior since it was with a friend. It sucks, but I have been better off without him in my life and I'm sure you will also. He is a follow your heart. It won't lead you astray. Tell the bf I said hi. Glad you two are doing well. Take care man.

Jay said...

Okay then. Talk about messy situations. Your "friend" sounds like someone that definitely shouldn't be in your life for multiple reasons:

1) he did what he did originally
2) he doesn't respect your friendship enough to admit that he was wrong