Friday, February 13, 2009

Crazy People

Crazy people live in my apt building. Well, one to be exact. There is a couple that lives upstairs from mine, and lets just say they have some relationship issues. As the girlfriend put it, "We are getting married, but I know we are going to get a divorce."

Straight people. I know.

She said that to me knowing very well that i am not even allowed to marry the person I love. But whatever. So anyways, the time is roughly 11:45 at last night and I am laying in bed trying to sleep when I hear a loud banging on our door and the fiance of this girl who already knows she is going to get a divorce from a marriage that hasnt even happened yet is shouting for her to get her ass down stairs.

Now let me preface this story by letting you know that this isnt really new. They usually get into a fight, she comes into our apartment and hides in my roommates bedroom while he bangs on our door. So this is happening once again. She is upstairs and he is bangin our door down screaming about burning the apartment down, killing her cat, and destroying her computer. Sounds like a real keeper hunh?

Another side story, this is the same guy who sent me messages via Facebook telling me I was unclassy because I wrote a post on my blog about my roommate not paying bills just one week ago. Talk about being a hypocrite.

So, after about 30 minutes of this going on I start screaming at him that he better stop or I am going to call the cops. So he stops for maybe 10 minutes than starts back up again. So I do what i said I was going to do and called the cops. I explain to them that there is a domestic disturbance at my apartment and a crazy tenant is banging on our door and screaming so that everyone else lives in our apartment building can hear him. Classy, right?

The cops arrive and go and talk to the crazy guy upstairs. The time now is probably 1am or so, and you all can imagine how thrilled I am to be dealing with this. The cops leave, and I am thinking everything is over. I was apparently wrong. He screamed in the hall again that he was leaving shortly after the cops left, so that the whole apartment can hear and about 1 minute later returns and lets the apartment know that he lied and he is going to stay, cause you know, we all care.

Around 2am, I am sound asleep after dealing with this trash for the past 2 hours, and can you believe he is once again banging on our door screaming! I literally jumped out of my bed when he started again. I seriously couldnt believe it. Some people just dont know when to walk away back to the trailer park. He threatens to break our doors down if we dont open them, at which point I plug my ears with my fingers and attempt to block the pounding and screaming. He does eventually go away, thank god, and allows all the tenants of our building to fall back asleep.

This guy is obviously oozing class and maturity right? He apparently took a lesson in Class 101.

I hope the girlfriend finally breaks up with this guy and gets him out of our apartment buildings life. I honestly am still shocked that someone lacks the decency to know better than to pound on someone elses door in the middle of the night while screaming. Its unbelievable. I hope she kicks his ass out and he can go back to the trailer park where he probably came from so that I can go back to getting a good nights sleep.



Anonymous said...

He oozes class. I didn't know the adjective 'cunt fuck you' woman but i kinda dig it.

the real miracle is that he managed to develop opposable thumbs to begin with.

To protect both of us and our building I am getting a PFA against him like the cunt fuck woman i am, but this will force his immediate eviction.

PS - cunt.

PPS - I SHOULD pay my bills. That's because I'm a cunt fuck woman. And I will OWN it. :)

From: Troy Mieczkowski []
Sent: Friday, February 13, 2009 2:13 AM
To: Haas, Kristen
Cc: 'Aria Charles'
Subject: i cant fucking believe you two

You bunch of fucked up cunt fuck you women, cunt, fuck you cunt, I did nothing to you tonight and now this, fuck you both, evict me, fuck you call the cops, in fact keep em on speed dial, because I am now your worst night mare

GumbyGuy said...

Wow, is he illiterate?

Ian J Brooks said...

See i would love neighbours like that. Mine are dull.

Anonymous said...

you fucking fairy. you're lucky i dont find you. i am a friend of this man. i hope you rot from aids you fucking homo.
say what you want about being a nutcase, but at least he doesnt suck dick.
silly faggot, dicks are for chicks

Anonymous said...

I came across this post by accident and must say I am greatly amused. I'm sorry he caused you hell back then...don't worry, he hasn't changed, lol.