Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Found It!

On Monday I said that i was going to view some more apartments that the bf made appointments to see. Well turns out one of those places is going to be our new home for at least a year. We got an awesome deal on the loft so we couldn't pass it up. It is in an old school building conveniently called the School House Lofts. It is only 1/2 mile from my house and only 2 blocks away from the huge park that overlooks the city.We move in March 6Th which I simply cannot wait for. To tell you about the place, its is a loft so two floors with the top floor only having my room there. On the first floor is another bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, and 3 or 4 huge windows overlooking the northside of Pittsburgh and the top of the skyscrapers downtown. Someone was still living in the apartment when we went to look at it which was a little odd, so I didn't get any pictures but the one below is from their brochure thingy so just picture it without the gaudy 80s furniture.We go furniture shopping this weekend to buy living room furniture which I am very excited about. The bf is going to purchase the couch and coffee table and I will be purchased a flat screen TV sometime soon. So yeah. I'm happy!

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