Friday, March 7, 2008

My Escape

Finally the time has come for me to depart ways with Pittsburgh for a while and go to Miami. I am thrilled to get out of this horrible cold weather we have here in Pittsburgh and enjoy temperatures above 50 degrees. This is a much needed getaway for me. I have been once again stressed out so I need to take in some much needed relaxation time to focus on no one and nothing else but me. Not only do I need to get away from Pittsburgh and many of its cohabitants but I have to make sure the whole reason I am going to Florida in the first place, goes well. I have been putting this trip together for work for 3 months now, and I need it to go perfectly.

Beyond that, not much else to report. I went out last night, the first time I have went out on a weeknight in many many months. I had a great time meeting new people and hanging out with friends. I never realized how popular gay bars were on Thursdays. They were just as busy as a Friday or Saturday. Although I had a great time I don't think I will be heading out every Thursday to get crazy. My bed time is way before the time I went to bed last night, so needless to say I am draggin today. But it was worth it. So I am glad I did it.

Because of my due absence in Pittsburgh there is a very good chance that my posts in my blog will be quite sparse. So take advantage of this opportunity to not read all about my bitching and complaining and help out a homeless man instead. They love attention...and blueberry muffins.

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