Friday, March 28, 2008

Easter Bunny

I am still trying to catch up my blog with what has been going on in my life. This has not been an easy feat because my memory is continuing to get worse so recollecting what happened yesterday let alone a week ago is pretty hard for me.

Easter weekend started off on a bad note, with the bf and I fighting over something stupid I did. It turned into the biggest fight we have had, and almost ended in us breaking up. But we didnt, and I believe we are in a better place now because of the fight because it made us try to pin point our problems and come up with solutions for them.

Moving on to Easter, we woke up especially early, and dragged our tired asses to our church. As I said before, we go to a Unitarian Church, so there are a good number of gay couples that attend. The bf and myself are definitely the youngest of all the couples but it is reassuring to see older couples together. So we listened to the sermon which I was not a fan of. Call me a traditionalist but I wanted to hear about Jesus rising from the dead and what not, even though I dont really believe that happened. Instead I learned about "Big Joe and The Phantom 309" and how this story of a ghost helping out random hitchhikers crossed over to christian beliefs. I was not a fan of "Big Joe" although I understood why the pastor used the story.

I was able to talk my bf into going to my parents house for Easter even though he was not quite fond of the idea. I really enjoyed the 2 hour drive there though. It seems as though we never get a ton of real one-on-one time in. We might always be together just the two of us, but we never just talk about life or stupid stuff, because we will always become distracted by the tv, a waiter, or other friends. When you are stuck in a car, there is not much to distract you. So we had a nice drive up and the weather was very cooperative and sunny. I hadn't seen my parents in a few months so I was excited to see them as well as my younger brothers and my dog. My parents added another addition to the family by taking in an abandoned Chihuahua. He was a younger dog, that was very friendly and cute, and they named him Chewy.

We all had a good time. Most of our visit was spent playing Guitar Hero with my brothers or playing with the new dog. My family treated the bf well, I dont believe there were any awkward moments overall. We left sometime after dinner and once again had two hours to do nothing but talk. I really enjoy times like this.

I forgot to mention that my easter basket that was given to me by the bf had a naughty sex theme to it. It included sex coupons for "sex on demand" and a "steamy shower", condoms, a blindfold, amongst various candy. I went a little overboard with his basket. It wasnt exactly themed, but I stuck in some cleaning items for his car, like different Armorall wipes and some upholstery protector, then I loaded that basket up as much as I could with all sorts of candy. I have to say my basket looked very well put together. I was proud of it. He will be eating that candy for months to come.

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I just happened on to your blog because I was looking mine up to see if I could find it on google (I couldn't). Mine is

You won't be interested in mine as I am 52 (today) and am Stage 4 with Inflammatory Breast Cancer, which is the rarest most aggressive breast cancer that affects 1 in 200,000 people.

Anyway, I think I am going to enjoy your blog because it is so well written.

Just starting to read and am sure I will be addicted in no time. It can help keep my mind off of chemo and other cancer stuff.

Renee in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada